Sommellerie: in an unequal way, the final of Valentin Radosav (UK) at the Challenge Sud de France

Publié le par Jean Bernard

For Valentin Radosav (restaurant Gymkhana in London), a candidate representing the United Kingdom at the second international sommellerie Challenge of the sommellerie, as for his two opponents, the final rounds started with a new written test marked by the identification of different drinks. Then, alone in front of the different juries, each candidate discovered a tasting workshop. Four varietal white wines were offered and a quick analysis of each wine was required and, most importantly, its identification. In order, it was a Vermentino, a Chardonnay, a Sauvignon Blanc and finally a Roussanne. In the continuity, the finalists were invited to taste an oyster and to choose which wine constituted the most just marriage with the seafood. Two service tests were the last step. As an aperitif, fictitious customers ordered a bottle of sparkling wine from Limoux, the cuvée "La bulle gourmande" from the cellars of Sieur d'Arques. It was then appropriate to open and serve and also to present the product. Finally, the same customers asked for carafage and the service of a red wine, the wine "Les grès 2016" Mas Granier. Technical gestures that had to be accompanied by comments on the wine itself.


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