Sommellerie : Martin Bruno is the new champion of Argentina

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The three finalists : Valeria Gamper, Martin Bruno and Stafanie Paiva.

The three finalists : Valeria Gamper, Martin Bruno and Stafanie Paiva.

Martín Bruno, Stefanie Paiva and Valeria Gamper were the finalists to the Competition Best Sommelier of Argentina 2017 after achieving the highest scores in the rigorous tests of the initial phase. The three finalists have been competing to become the Best Sommelier of Argentina at La Usina del Arte in Buenos Aires. Three hundred guests followed the event and applauded the winner Martin Bruno.

Twenty sommeliers took part of this initial phase of the competition. They competed in a series of tests which included a theoretical exam with questions on winemaking, viticulture, wine geography, beverages, service protocol, and labels as well as a blind tasting and activities to show their expertise in food and wine matching and service.

Martin Bruno, 34 works as Brand Ambassador for Pernod Ricard Argentina and as sommelier at Tegui restaurant in Buenos Aires, Stefanie Paiva, also 34, is the sommelier at Uco restaurant in Buenos Aires, and Valeria Gamper, 33, teaches at IAG culinary school in Buenos Aires.

The Best Sommelier of Argentina Competition has a prestigious jury including Andrés Rosberg, President of the Asociación de la Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI), Ricardo Grellet, president of the Chilean Sommelier Association and the Pan-American Sommelier Alliance (APAS) and Michelle McCarthy, former president of the Canadian Professional Sommelier Association and Secretary General Adjoint at ASI.

The winner and her runner-up, Valeria Gamper, will go on to become the national representatives to ASI & APAS Contest Best Sommelier of the Americas, Canada may 2018. In addition, the two best contenders will be the pre-candidates to represent Argentina in ASI Best World Sommelier, Belgium 2019.

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